Advisement Day is Tuesday, March 23

A chance for your student to review their progress
February 23, 2021

Advisement Day is coming up – a full day when your student can attend their program meeting, which serves as a kickoff for the selection of classes for next semester. Students are encouraged to watch their email for more information on Advisement Day activities.

There are no classes on Advisement Day, Tuesday, March 23, giving everyone time to connect.

Program Meetings

Advisor Darren Ward meets with a student. Photo taken pre-COVID.
Advisor Darren Ward meets with a student. Photo taken pre-COVID. / UW-Stout

Many degree programs have a meeting during Advisement Day led by program directors. This is a chance for everyone in a major – from first-year students to graduating seniors – to meet other students and hear from those further along who can provide support and advice.

Program directors share reminders and updates; provide career and helpful advice; invite members of the professional advisory board to speak and answer questions; and help students navigate their program to make the most of it.

For First-Year Students

The week before Advisement Day, first-year students can attend one of three virtual group meetings with their first-year advisors. In the Moving On Meetings, held in Microsoft Teams, students and advisors can talk about:

  • Summer course registration and how to enroll for fall courses.
  • Their Academic Advisement Report, program plan sheet and campus resources.
  • How to connect with their faculty advisor in their major.


Advisor Brittney Hoff meets with a student. Photo taken pre-COVID.
Advisor Brittney Hoff meets with a student. Photo taken pre-COVID. / UW-Stout

The Advisement Center is also developing a Canvas course that will assist students in their move to faculty advisors. Students will receive a Teams and Canvas invite.

First-year students in a declared major are encouraged to work with their new faculty advisor as they select their fall classes, to make sure they are on track with their coursework and to discuss their future at UW-Stout.

Undeclared students will need to schedule a meeting with their first-year advisor.

Please encourage your student to take advantage of this time – to connect with their advisor, faculty, and peers; reflect on their progress and next steps; and ask mentors questions. It’s best for your student to come prepared to advisor appointments by understanding their program requirements, know what requirements they’ve already met and have a plan for next semester.

Advisors in our Advisement Center can help your student make sure they are on track with coursework, engage more in student activities and find support services.