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Helping your student succeed in their career goals
February 19, 2021

It’s easy for anyone to listen to the news or social media today and hear conflicting views related to the economy and the hiring of college students. Information can vary widely and can often lead students (and parents) to feel deflated or confused.

Bryan Barts
Career Services Director Bryan Barts / UW-Stout

Hi, parents and families. I’m UW-Stout’s Career Services Director Bryan Barts. I want to share with you what our office is doing to assist your student this spring semester, and I ask that you encourage them to take full advantage of these career and professional resources.

Our career counselors are committed to your student’s success in reaching their career goals. To schedule an appointment, students may call 715-232-1601.

Spring Career Conference; March 2-4, 2021

At the Spring Career Conference, we are anticipating 150 or more companies looking to hire students for co-op and internship positions or full-time opportunities.

For our virtual event, we have partnered with Career Fair Plus to provide students a seamless experience and the opportunity to schedule individualized one-on-one meetings with recruiters. During our virtual fall conference, there were more than 2,600 individualized, 10-minute meetings between students and employers.

Students can schedule a meeting with recruiters in the Career Fair Plus app, available to download to iOS or download to Android.

We also held a Career Conference Prep Week from Feb. 15-25. Prep week offered programs aimed at educating and empowering students to be successful at the Career Conference. 

Your student can also log in to StoutCloud, Canvas, CareerLink and Connect to check out other offerings:


2018 Spring Career Conference. Photo taken pre-COVID.
2018 Spring Career Conference. Photo taken pre-COVID / UW-Stout

We know that UW-Stout students are still being recruited across many industries, as our Cooperative Education and Internship Program recorded over 700 enrollments last year. And we are continuing to see employers reach out to us looking for ways to engage and hire UW-Stout students.

Although we are hopeful for a return to more in-person opportunities in the fall, the benefits of connecting students and employers virtually have proven to be effective.