SGX.22 VR-XR Experiences

Honoring the students who brought an ambient VR experience to SGX. 
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Refuge (VR)

An ambient VR experience.  Explore an abandoned chapel and the stories of those who still find a use for it.

Designer: Brie Musgrave
Instructor: Josh Seaver

Console City

Console City (AR)

Watch as Console City changes in real time, with this 2D augmented reality experience.

Designer: Carter Nelson
Instructor: Josh Seaver

Tanked (VR)

Designer: Alexander Drach
Instructor: Josh Seaver


Creepp (VR)

Intense virtual reality experience with escape room-like mechanics.

Team: Sarah Ziebarth, Kali Gardener, William Hollinger, Harrison Kelly, Garrett Brown
Instructor: Josh Seaver

Find Me

Find Me (VR)

Oh No, Teddy is lost! Go find teddy and save him from the dark in this virtual reality experience.

Designer: Zoe Cromwell
Instructor: Josh Seaver

It's Mine

It's Mine (VR)

VR version of my DES350 Game Art & Engines project ItsMine. Go around the first floor and interact with the scene.

Designer: Deven Short
Instructor: Josh Seaver