COVID-19 Coronavirus Planning and Preparedness

With the ever-changing COVID-19 coronavirus situation, UW-Stout continues to evaluate the situation daily.
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Our campus is currently operating with all buildings in a generally locked status. Please call ahead prior to visiting campus offices or buildings to verify hours and availability. Employees and approved student employees who currently have card access to their building will continue to have card access.

Key campus officials are meeting on a regular basis regarding pandemic planning in order to ensure that all steps necessary to support the safety of the campus are implemented. The university will continue to monitor coronavirus developments both domestically and abroad and will notify the campus of key updates as appropriate. This website is intended to serve as a resource for the UW-Stout community and our constituents, and we urge people to monitor it regularly for updates.

You may have noticed many people are suddenly talking about the need to flatten the curve. An outbreak can go anywhere and be shared everywhere, so right now we all need to pitch in to prevent cases within our families and our communities. It’s called “flattening the curve,” a term that public health officials use all the time. UW-Stout senior lecturer and staff physician Dr. Alexandra Hall explains how flattening the curve works and why it's so important.

How to Flatten the Curve with Alex Hall M.D. / UW-Stout

COVID-19 is transmitted through respiratory droplets when someone infected coughs or sneezes. These droplets can extend about 3 to 6 feet from the person who coughed or sneezed. This is where the concept of social distancing comes in. If we stay away from someone who is sick, or in general, beyond that 6-foot margin, then the risk of being exposed drops dramatically. It is recommended that we all implement social distancing measures in our daily lives now to slow the spread of the virus. One does not have to wait to be in a large gathering before distancing themselves. In all, practice distancing yourself 6 feet/2 meters from others regardless of the group size.

The University of Wisconsin – Stout is committed to maintaining an environment of respect and that is free from discrimination, and to supporting all members of our community affected by this global health threat. Bias, discrimination and harassment are contrary to UW-Stout values. If you, or someone you know experience bias, please report to our response team.

COVID 19 Coronavirus

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Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Wisconsin Department of Health Services has information and guidance on COVID-19 the disease caused by the coronavirus strain.

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