Workplace Diversity Certificate

The Workplace Diversity certificate is designed to assist managers and HR professionals in dealing with an ever more diverse workforce.
Degree Type Certificate
CAREERS AND SALARY Certificate Outcomes
Delivery On Campus

This program is designed to show managers how to capitalize on this diverse workforce and improve long-term organizational success by bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to the world of work.


Certificate Requirements

The certificate is an alternative credential for individuals seeking to obtain new knowledge and skills.


Our approach is focused upon how individuals and groups can use their differences to become more creative and resilient. Courses focus on issues like changing Human Resource Practices and organizational change methods that will bring effective change and a sense of inclusion to the organization. The program also includes courses about unique features of specific minority groups, their culture and histories, to sensitize the student to cultural differences. Specifically, the program focuses on differences in: race and ethnicity, gender identity, age, disability, religion and sexual orientation.