Apparel, Soft Goods, & Footwear Minor

Discover how UW-Stout's program uniquely intertwines art and design principles with practical apparel skills, preparing you for the apparel industry.
Degree Type Minor
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Thread Art into Wearables.

UW-Stout's Apparel, Soft Goods, and Footwear minor offers students a focused application of art and design principles to an apparel and soft goods technical skillset. This minor allows students to explore real-world aspects of the fashion industry including designing and developing soft goods. Students will experience hands-on skill development with the opportunity to work with ready-to-wear categories including sportswear, knitwear, safety and technical products, and special occasions.


Minor Requirements

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Creative Constructs. Program Highlights.

Focused Curriculum. Learn the essential design and technical skills applicable in the current apparel and design industry. The curriculum focused on the basics of product design, pattern development, and garment engineering.

Real-World Engagement. Students undertake hands-on projects and participate in industry interaction that helps develop the ability to design and develop market-ready products. The program teaches students how to combine digital technologies with traditional crafts while being aware of the changing industry requirements.

Skill Enhancement for Diverse Careers. This minor prepares you for multiple positions within the fashion and soft goods industries. From sportswear to technical products, you’ll be ready to contribute to diverse segments of the industry. 

Outcome-Based Education. Graduates will be prepared to use both creative and technical design principles to develop innovative and marketable products. You will build a strong foundation in critical thinking and communication, essential for navigating the dynamic fields of apparel, soft goods, and footwear.