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Advance your career by completing a bachelor's degree personalized for you and your professional needs.
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Finish What You Started.

Family obligations, financial demands, career relocation–sometimes life puts a pause on your degree plans. Before you know it, colleagues are earning promotions with credentials you almost finished.  

UW-Stout’s B.S. in Individualized Studies offers returning adults, transfer students, and reentry students an avenue to advance their careers by finishing what they started. Expand your skillset, master innovations in your field, or just strengthen the abilities that already make you great. Our B.S. in Individualized Studies offers specialized instruction and online course flexibility, credit for prior learning, and the financial support to build a degree that works for you. 


Program Overview

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Individualized Studies, B.S.


Professional Focus Areas

Our B.S. in Individualized Studies can be fully tailored to meet your specific needs in nearly any career field. The following examples are general areas in which we can expand your professional opportunities.

Helping Professions 

Advance in a profession that addresses challenges or nurtures the growth of our physical, psychological, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual well-being. 

Enterprise & Training 

Refine the framework, tools, and experience to facilitate innovative ideas and solutions using enterprise and training principles in the business world. 

Leadership & Management 

Build the leadership skills and mindset to manage processes, guide initiatives, plan strategically, and steer personnel toward measurable success. 

Small Business Enterprise/Entrepreneurship

Build a strong, comprehensive foundation of business knowledge using best practices, data-driven strategies, and human resource capital. 

Nonprofit Sector

Develop the knowledge and skills needed to pursue or advance careers within nonprofit sector organizations. 

Arts & Humanities

Formalize your appreciation of creative expression and humanistic traditions and deepen your path to a meaningful career and life-long civic and cultural engagement. 

Social Behavioral Sciences 

Study the psychological behavior of human beings and societal, economic, political, and cultural groups to understand our relationship to the self and with other. 


Expand and refine the skills for professional communication work at the intersection of diversity, technology, and social influence. 

Develop Knowledge and Practical Experience That Works for You 

You know your industry, but not every opportunity is earned on the job. UW-Stout’s close relationships with business and industry leaders in a diverse range of field have helped us build courses that ensure the degree you finish is the start of new career opportunities. You’ll connect with industry-experienced instructors, learn what matters, and apply the practical skills and experience to your career needs. And you’ll have the flexibility and support to get ahead on a schedule that works for you. 

Earn Credit for Prior Learning and Life Experience

Life experience is valuable, and we know not all skills are learned in the classroom. The B.S. Individual Studies program not only gives you credit for the courses you’ve already completed, it gives you degree credit for the life you’ve lived—volunteering, military service, professional development, and other experience. Once you apply to the program, we’ll take all of that into account as we you finish what you started.

Credit for Prior Learning

Earn credit for prior learning, including college AP classes, volunteer work, military service, professional development, and more.
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Is Individualized Studies Right for You?

UW-Stout's B.S. Individualized Studies is for returning adults, transfer students, and reentry students who want to:

  • complete a bachelor’s degree to achieve specific personal, professional, or vocational goals,
  • combine coursework from two or more disciplines to design a degree that best aligns with their career and personal needs, and/or
  • have greater flexibility in online course delivery so they can pursue a college degree while balancing family, work, or other commitments.

However, our Individualized Studies program is not for students who:

  • have simply not decided their major or minor yet and have not determined their future career or continuing education goals,
  • are not self-directed or independent learners,
  • require a specific degree or license for their intended career.

Let's Talk

If you are considering an Individualized Studies degree, we encourage you to contact Craig Kwosek, BS IS program director at kwosekc@uwstout.edu. He can explain how our Individualized Studies program will give you a unique and competitive advantage as you pursue your desired career. And when you're ready to get started, Craig will focus on your interests and goals to help you craft your individual program plan.

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Please note: This program is designed for returning adults, transfer, and reentry students seeking to advance or change their career through degree completion. International students are not eligible for this program.

You are an International student if you do not live in the United States.

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