Cultural Anthropology

Learn how culture shapes individuals, communities, institutions, economics, politics, and society as a whole.
Degree Type Minor
Delivery On Campus

A minor in Cultural Anthropology will prepare you to understand cultural diversity both globally and within societies. You'll hone skills in cross-cultural understanding and cultural analysis; cultural humility; and gathering data about the perspectives, practices, and needs of people from a variety of backgrounds.

You'll learn how culture shapes individuals, communities, institutions, economics, politics, and society as a whole. You'll gain the tools needed to think critically and solve problems in a wide variety of careers that involve working with people. The minor is an excellent complement to degrees in education, human services, design, engineering, and business.

Program Objectives

After completing a minor in Cultural Anthropology you'll be able to:

  • Describe the anthropological perspective
  • Explain the basic concepts of anthropology and the major components of cultural systems
  • Explain how human cultural diversity impacts workplaces, institutions, and society
  • Apply social theory to explain human cultural diversity (within and across societies) and the functioning of societies and institutions
  • Analyze the processes by which cultures change
  • Apply anthropological research methods to gather data about social or workplace issues
  • Apply the anthropological perspective and anthropological knowledge to propose solutions to social issues or to institutional, workplace, business, customer, or design problems (e.g. apply cultural knowledge to the design of products or to a business plan or apply knowledge of human diversity to furthering inclusion in teaching or social services). 

Minor Requirements

Minors are defined as either "studies in the discipline" or as “teaching.”


As a comprehensive polytechnic, UW-Stout blends the liberal arts with a technical and career-oriented curriculum to prepare you for a variety of careers. A minor in cultural anthropology provides another opportunity for you to gain more knowledge in the social sciences, and especially more knowledge about cultural diversity and global processes.