M.F.A. Design

Do you want to cultivate your knowledge and skills in diverse design disciplines?
Degree Type Master of Fine Arts
Careers & Salaries Graduate Degree Outcomes
Delivery Hybrid

Our Master of Fine Arts in Design program, a 60-credit terminal degree, combines practical problem-solving, ‘change the world’ mentality and innovative teaching in an art school experience that will help you grow as a designer, provide cross-disciplinary opportunities, and prepare you for creative leadership or teaching.

You'll reach across multiple design disciplines to find a unique focus area tailored to your interests. / UW-Stout

With its outstanding reputation for undergraduate art and design programs, UW–Stout is uniquely positioned to offer this cross-disciplinary graduate program. Our program is uniquely broad and interdisciplinary.

Our Cross-Disciplinary Setting

  • Graphic design
  • Game design
  • Industrial design
  • Interior design
  • Interactive Media & UX
  • Digital Cinema, Photography & Video
  • Animation & Digital Media

You will work with our dedicated faculty to create a focus area tailored to your interests through our robust course offerings and independent projects. Our customized instruction model can accommodate working adults as well as day students


Program Overview

View program plans, credit requirements and course descriptions.


The program provides a unique opportunity for experiential learning and design-based research through collaborative faculty-student projects that reach across design disciplines. Courses will be delivered through a Customized Instruction model that accommodates working adults as well as day students.

Meaningful Experiences

Our program prepares you for roles in the academic community and as design professionals and leaders.

Design class looks into outdoor museum on blue-green algae awareness

A group of Master of Fine Arts in Design students, working with the university’s LAKES REU project, recently created the concept of having an outdoor museum in Menomonie that would help educate visitors about the blue-green algae issue on Lake Menomin and, in turn, possibly gain more advocacy about cleaner water.

“Design research consists of strategies and techniques designers use when tackling creative projects,” Erik Evensen, M.F.A. Design program director said. “At the graduate level, it usually means using research to dive into complex, interdisciplinary problems, just like the phosphorus pollution issue in the watershed. These students took on this challenge, utilized some intimidating research practices, and executed some really thoughtful and exciting solutions. I think this project has a lot of potential for real-world applications. We're definitely starting a conversation about what this could actually look like here in Menomonie.”

Global competition, a workplace that increasingly values creative workers, the increasing role of evidence-based design, and the search for sustainability have created the need for a new model for graduate education in design. The MFA in Design will prepare you to become transformational practitioners and educators with a focus on innovation, breaking boundaries, design leadership and sustainable models of practice.

"I really enjoyed my time in the M.F.A. Design program. As an international student, the program director and faculty helped me a lot with both my schoolwork and life. The program challenged my ability and encouraged me to explore my potential. I am more confident about my communication skills and critical thinking. Both traits will help me be competitive in the industry."

-- Liang Wu
M.F.A Design

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Tuition & Fees

Customized Instruction at UW Stout can be described as programs that are designed with the adult learner in mind. If you're comparing UW-Stout's customized instruction tuition to our competitors, keep in mind:

  • Customized instruction tuition rate includes the textbook rental fee.
  • There are no additional university-based semester or technology fees.
  • Students in customized instruction programs pay the same rate of tuition regardless if Wisconsin residents, out-of-state or international participants.

Value for your Money

There’s more to value than just tuition. UW Stout also provides:

  • Program Director – faculty with discipline expertise.
  • Student Services adviser – one point of contact, providing support to students for each program.
  • Course sequences and matrices – know what courses are offered when so you can plan ahead.
  • Courses and programs may be stackable for use in another program.
  • Courses are flexible and convenient for working professionals.

Other universities will present costs and value differently - make sure you're comparing apples to apples.

Example Course Plan

This is an example of a three-year course plan. Please review the Graduate Bulletin for the official program planner, credit requirements and course descriptions.

The First Year (21 credits)

Fall Semester

  • DES-700 Design Seminar I (3 cr.) core
  • ARTH-720 History of Design Seminar (3 cr.) core
  • DES-XXX (3 cr.) studio elective

Spring Semester

  • DES-725 Research Strategies in Design (3 cr.) core
  • DES-712 Sustainable Design Practice (3 cr.) core
  • DES-561 Transmedia Studio (3 cr.) studio elective
  • Focus Elective (3 cr.)

Second Year (21 credits)

Fall Semester

  • ARTH-756 Special Topics in Design History (3 cr.) core
  • ART-614 Color Seminar (3 cr.) studio elective
  • Focus Elective (3 cr.)

Spring Semester

  • DES-710 Ethics in Design (3 cr.) core
  • DES-730 Critical Issues in Design Education & Practice (3 cr.) core
  • DES-XXX (3 cr.) studio elective
  • Focus Elective (3 cr.)

Third Year (18 credits)

Fall Semester

  • DES-800 Design Seminar II (3 cr.) core
  • DES-870 Creative Thesis in Design (3 cr.) core
  • DES-799 Independent Study (3 cr.) studio elective

Spring Semester

  • DES-870 Creative Thesis in Design (3 cr.) core
  • DES-XXX (3 cr.) studio elective
  • DES-XXX (3 cr.) studio elective
Admission Requirements

General UW-Stout Graduate School Application

All prospective graduate students at UW-Stout must follow a standard application process through our Graduate School. Beyond that, each graduate program has specific requirements that must be met to be successfully admitted to the program:

Program-Specific Admission Requirements

To apply to the M.F.A. Design program, you will need to submit additional application materials through our SlideRoom account:

Visual Portfolio

15-20 examples of creative/professional work from your area(s) of expertise:

  • A series of 10-15 images or documents of creative/professional work, and brief written descriptions. 
  • A limit of 5 motion/video images will be accepted as part of the total 10-15 examples, each no more than 3 minutes in length. External video links accepted.

All work must be created by you, the applicant. Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate rejection. If your work is the result of a group project, highlight the role you played in its creation within the written description list.

Written Statement of Interest

This 2-3 page statement should describe your goals for graduate study, your topics of interest for research and exploration, and should provide context for your work included in the visual portfolio. PDF preferred.

Resume or Curriculum Vitae

PDF Preferred, and titled with your last name (i.e. Nelson_CurriculumVitae.pdf).

Candidate Recommendation Form

Three letters of reference from individuals who can speak to your abilities or potential as a designer, creative practitioner, and graduate student. PDF preferred.

All program application materials should be submitted digitally through SlideRoom.

MFA Design Advisory Committee

2020 Design Advisory Board

Erik Evensen Program Director Department of Design
Seth Berrier Associate Professor Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
Robert Fraher Associate Professor Department of Design
Amelia Kennedy Design Manager 3D Design Studio - Target
Kimberly Long-Loken Assistant Professor Department of Design
Rochelle Maresh Senior Interior Designer Target
Joan Menefee Professor Department of English & Philosophy
Sarah Murawski Graphic Design Manager Great Northern Corporation
Julie Peterson Associate Professor, Program Director, Chair Department of Design
Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro Assistant Professor Department of Art & Art History
Glendali Rodriguez Associate Vice Chancellor Provost's Office (ex-officio)
Shane Sanders MFA in Design Student Representative
Elizabeth Sanders Associate Professor Department of Design, The Ohio State University
Fred Sklenar Creative Director Great Northern Corporation
Rich Walters Product Design Manager LSR
Julie Watts Professor Department of English & Philosophy, Founding Director of MSTPC


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