Military Leadership Minor

Would you like to learn about the principles of military science and the art of leadership?
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The Military Leadership minor provides you with the basic concepts and principles of military science and the art of leadership, giving you a greater understanding of the military’s role in our society.

Allegra Van Rossum and other Stout students participating in a ROTC training.

While we study citizenship, values, ethics, military history, human society, and management and leadership skills, you'll develop self-discipline, confidence, and gain practical leadership experience.


American Government class at UW-Stout

All of these skills are valuable when applied to service in a military or civilian career. Many of our students in the program are pursuing a major in business or social science while having an interest in military service, although all majors can apply for the minor.


Retired veteran learning creative skills as he pursues second degree

He graduated from college when Jimmy Carter was president and served in the military for 34 years, including in Iraq.
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