Carol Vang

Hired before graduation.
Hometown Menomonie, WI
Major B.S. Business Administration
Graduation Spring 2018

UW-Stout has provided amazing leverage for me to get closer to my long term goals.

Inspiring graduate, Carol Vang

As a low-income and first-generation student of color, Carol Vang was timid about going to UW-Stout. She felt she had little support as there were so few people in her life with their bachelor’s degree. But she persisted and was able to find the support she needed on campus.

Vang's first-year academic adviser and program advisers from ASPIRE and Multicultural Student Services helped her find the career options that best fit her interests. She decided to pursue her degree in Business Administration.

On top of earning her degree, it was also important to Vang to feel like she belonged. Vang found professional and personal support in the Stoutward Bound program.

"Stoutward Bound allowed me to meet amazing young individuals who share similar passions," Vang said. "This program became my second family."

Vang was also involved in the Hmong Stout Student Organization, University Housing, and the McNair program. The Hmong Stout Student Organization taught her how to effectively lead a team of students in accomplishing their goals.

Vang worked with the University Housing team as a resident adviser, desk service manager, and hall manager. Her ability to interact with students on all levels improved through her experiences there.

Vang is thankful for the opportunities offered to her by the McNair program. The McNair program and its staff believed in her abilities, showcased her research, and encouraged her to pursue her passions in graduate school.

"It was here that I learned my true passions and what I want to pursue," Vang said. "I’m excited for the next chapters of my life and I hope to continue to create positive change."



Admissions Lead at Noah’s Ark


Lawton Grant


Hmong Stout Student Organization, McNair TRIO, ASPIRE TRIO, Stout Student Association, Hegemony Project, University Housing, Multicultural Student Services

Awards and Honors: 

Chancellor’s Award 2013, 2014, Student Organization of the Year 2014-15, Student Advocate of the Year 2015-16, Samuel E. Wood Medallion Award 2017-18, University Housing Legacy Award 2017-18