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Degree Type Bachelor of Fine Arts
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Illustrate Your Visual Journey.

UW-Stout's Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration merges a strong foundation in art fundamentals and visual storytelling allowing students to develop a personal style through specialized courses. Our curriculum provides a foundational understanding of the basics of art, design, color, and figure drawing, along with critical thinking and visual storytelling. Students work closely with award-winning faculty to find their unique illustration voice and prepare for success in creative industries.

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Curriculum & Program Overview

Our illustration majors take courses in both traditional and digital media, and design their studies around their own creative interests. The program is designed to provide the versatile skills needed for success as visual storytellers in a variety of creative fields, such as publishing, advertising, and the entertainment industry.


Program Overview

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Program Highlights

  • Experienced Faculty. Energetic and engaged faculty with wide-ranging professional experience.
  • Collaborative Environment. A cross-disciplinary environment with frequent opportunities for collaboration.
  • Diverse Elective Offerings. Choose from a broad selection of electives to support your educational journey and expand your creative toolkit.
  • Concept Art. Choose to emphasize coursework in concept art and visual development for entertainment fields such as film, animation, and the games industry.

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Studios, Galleries & Labs

The School of Art and Design is devoted to creative excellence. To achieve that goal, we provide dedicated spaces for the various disciplines.
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Objectives & Outcomes

Upon completion of the B.F.A. in Illustration, graduates will be able to:

  1. Establish a personal illustration style and technique that uses both traditional and digital media fluency to develop a flexible practice-based approach to the craft of illustration.
  2. Think critically, solve problems creatively, and demonstrate professionalism.
  3. Demonstrate an awareness of the culture at large, including historical and current contexts relevant to individualized creative practice.
  4. Apply historical and cultural perspectives, art and design history, global culture, and literature in producing work for effective visual storytelling.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to meet current standards as a working professional in relation to conceptual development and final execution of creative projects.
  6. Create portfolios with industry-oriented professional goals: toward the entertainment industry, editorial publications, in sequential work, and/or in graphic design and advertising.
  7. Research, visualize, and develop creative illustrated solutions for purposes of visual communication.