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UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Construction prepares you to lead and direct even the most complicated construction projects. Our program focuses not only on technical and engineering processes but also on the business, management, and marketing aspects of the construction industry.

Construction industry employers look for people with the ability to solve problems. This is exactly what the B.S. Construction program will teach you - identify and solve problems. / UW-Stout

ACCE Accredited

The construction program at the University of Wisconsin - Stout has been accredited by the American Council of Construction Education (ACCE) since 1994. Learn more about UW Stout's Construction Program Accreditation and Assessment.

Individualized Attention

Construction courses average 30 students to ensure that you are getting the most individualized attention possible. The relationship between students and faculty is evident by faculty diligently helping students for co-ops and full-time jobs.

Industry-Experienced Faculty

The faculty members in the UW Stout construction program are committed and supportive of the students. All of the faculty have construction industry experience in the areas of energy, heavy/civil, industrial and water/wastewater,  commercial and residential construction.  

Team-Based Learning

Team-based learning forms the basis for many of the courses in the UW Stout construction program's curriculum. This enhances students learning, mimics real-world industry project scenarios, and provides a competitive advantage for graduates.

Real-World Experiences

Local construction industry alumni and leaders share their real-world management experiences by regularly presenting to construction courses and student organization events. They also are enthusiastic mentors who present networking and hands-on experiences through co-op opportunities for the construction program students.

100% Graduates Are Employed

Construction graduates get hired with an average starting salary of $56,000. Many of the construction companies that hire UW Stout graduates state that our students have the best work ethic and are the most knowledgeable students that are in the industry.


Program Overview

View program plans, credit requirements and course descriptions.


Hands-On Experience

Modern and well-equipped construction, design, and computer laboratories provide you with hands-on experience in learning the construction industry. In addition, a required cooperative education or field experience will give you practical real-world training that will be a plus when looking for a job. 

UW-Stout's Construction program prepares you for several different career options including:

  • Project management
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling
  • Safety
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Project supervision

Your instructors include professional architects, engineers, builders, and construction managers who will share with you the experiences they have gained from working in the field.

Student Testimonials

"The University has impacted my academic success in many ways. The first is the professors have field experience and that is the class they are teaching. This is extremely beneficial to the students because those professors can make a direct correlation between what is going on in the field and what they are teaching in the classroom.

The second way the university has impacted my success is the relationships that I have developed with the professors. I have had multiple professors volunteer to help me in other classes to help me get a different view of the course material.

The third way is being involved with the SCA. I have been involved since I was a freshman, and I am so grateful I joined this club. The small jobs that we perform around the city of Menomonie have given me the chance to learn from the older students and teach the younger ones. The contractor presentations provide the students with another opportunity to network with professionals and ask specific questions to gain further knowledge to better their own future. These presentations helped me decide which path I wanted to go down. I chose the project manager path. 

The career fair is the number one reason why I got a full-time job before graduation. The career fair got me connected with so many companies, it was hard to narrow my search. Without the career fair, finding a job would be a lot more stressful."

-- Sam Sippl

After college, I will be returning to AZCO and starting full time as a Field Project Coordinator. I feel prepared for this position thanks to the knowledge I learned throughout this program and my internship."
-- Eric Fabich
“I liked the cost of tuition, and UW-Stout offered a really good education for the money. It has one of the best construction programs in the nation. I’d recommend it to anybody. I’m very confident I’ll do well in this industry."
-- Ryan Arts
"The University of Wisconsin Stout was able to create many opportunities for me along my professional journey. From career fairs, scholarship opportunities, student organizations, competition teams and even simply the core classes provided through the program, I feel UW-Stout was successful in giving me the chance to build myself up with experience before heading out into the Construction Industry.
The relationship our Construction Program has with real-world industry members is what makes this program so strong and able to be accurate with how things are actually being done in Construction each new day. It is from this program that I was able to stand out to employers and find my success."
-- Jack Grubish

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Objectives & Outcomes

Graduates of the BS Construction program will be able to:

  • Apply skills needed to administer a construction project
  • Apply industrial standards related to a construction project
  • Demonstrate the use of construction industry technology
  • Identify and validate best practices within the construction industry
  • Engage in construction professional practices
  • Identify and evaluate design variables related to a construction project
  • Research and innovate construction processes and methodologies
Preparing for Your Construction Degree

High school preparation is important if you want to study construction at UW-Stout. Since the construction curriculum requires calculus and physics, we recommend that you take as many math and science classes as possible. Students with a limited math background may have to take preparatory classes to reach the calculus competency level. Courses in English and communications are also highly recommended because you must know how to write and communicate if you are to succeed. High school business and general education courses are also recommended.

Starting Out

In your first two years of study, you’ll find a strong balance between general education and professional requirements. Courses the first year include English, sociology, geology, architectural graphics, speech, calculus, light construction methods, and psychology. An “orientation to construction industry” class will acquaint you with career opportunities and professional organizations.

Sophomore year courses include accounting, economics, architectural technology, heavy construction methods and equipment, concrete and masonry technology, physics, government, and principles of management.

Instructors will assist you with your academic plan and career choices. Assistance is also available through the Advisement and Career Centers, the Counseling Center, and Career Services.

As You Progress

Employers look for people with the ability to solve problems. This is what the upper-level courses will teach you. Classes that prepare you to understand the construction process include structural systems, writing, environmental systems, estimating, construction safety, organizational leadership, project scheduling and cost control, human resource management, and management of construction.

Career Opportunities

Entry Positions

Most Construction program graduates will enter the industry in assistant positions as project or field engineers, assistant superintendents, estimators, or schedulers. Some graduates may enter the trades and serve an apprenticeship or they may start their own companies and become professional contractors. Job opportunities are excellent, particularly for people from the Midwest because of the strong work ethic associated with the region.

Economic cycles do play a role, especially in housing, but less so in commercial, industrial, institutional or heavy construction. Grade point average is a factor, but what matters more is field experience, work ethic, and personal integrity. 


  • Bright KEYS Building and Development Corp.
  • Centex
  • Miron Construction, Co.
  • TIC Holdings Inc.
  • Adolfson and Peterson, Inc.
  • Market and Johnson, Inc.
  • TCI General Contractors, Inc.
  • Hans Hagen Homes
  • Hensel Phelps
  • M.S. Mortenson Co.
  • Kraus-Anderson
  • BOR-SON Construction, Inc.
  • Hoffman Corporation
  • Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.
  • Weis Builders
  • Encore Construction
  • Kraemer Brothers, LLC
  • AZCO
  • Pulte Homes
  • Lunda Construction
  • Hyatt Hotels
  • Cherne Contracting Corp.
  • Marshall Erdmann
  • Hines
  • Hanscomb, Faithful & Gould
  • Ryan Companies U.S. Inc.
  • St. Paul Travelers
  • Western Summit Constructors
  • Pepper Construction
  • M.A. Mortenson Co.
Student Construction Association (SCA)

Membership in the Student Construction Association (SCA) will help prepare you to compete with others looking for jobs in the construction industry. Employers look for membership in the SCA because it shows a commitment to the construction industry. 

Employers look for people with the ability to solve problems. This is what the upper-level courses will teach you. Classes that prepare you to understand the construction process include structural systems, writing, environmental systems, estimating, construction safety, organizational leadership, project scheduling and cost control, human resource management, and management of construction.

The Student Construction Association sponsors local projects that provide you with experience in constructing garages and home additions, as well as small projects such as installing windows, siding, and insulation.

Sigma Lambda Chi Honor Society for Construction

Sigma Lambda Chi is the international honor society for construction. The fundamental purpose of Sigma Lambda Chi is to provide recognition to outstanding students in construction curricula. Sigma Lambda Chi is the society that offers students the opportunity to be recognized locally and internationally for their academic accomplishments as a construction major.

This chapter includes twenty - eight current members. The chapter advisors are Tim Becker and Jim Bunkelman. Current SLC Board Members are Eric Fabich (President), Neil Wieser (Vice President), Garrett Rasmussen (Secretary), Damion Blechinger (Treasurer), Kyle Zagel (Public Relations).  

Program Membership & Student Competitions

UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science degree in Construction program is a member of the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) a professional association of construction educators and industry practitioners working together for the development and advancement of construction education. ASC promotes the sharing of ideas and knowledge and inspires, guides and promotes excellence in curricula, teaching, research and service. The ASC is made up of 8 regions; 7 regions from the United States and Canada and one European region.

Associated Schools of Construction
PO Box 1821
Fort Collins, CO 80522-1821


Student Competitions

Students in the Bachelor of Science degree in Construction program are involved through competitions in the following organizations:

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)

Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA)

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CIAC )

The UW Stout Construction Industry Advisory Committee consists of 49 members that consist of corporate, education, association, recent graduate, and individual/special corporate representation from construction or construction-related industries.

Companies on the Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CIAC)

AON Risk Services


Bill Rascher Mechanical, Inc.

Blackstone Asphalt of Wisconsin, LLC

Blenker Companies, Inc.

Borton Construction

Carciofini Company

Consolidated Construction

Creative Homes

Doran Construction


Faithful & Gould

Hensel Phelps

Hoeft Builders

Hoffman Construction Company

Integrity Grading & Excavating, Inc.

J.F. Ahern

J.H. Findorff and Sons, Inc.



Kraus-Anderson Construction Company

Lampert Lumber Company

Lunda Construction Company

M.A. Mortenson Company

Marathon Petroleum Company

Market & Johnson

McGough Construction Co., Inc.

Michels Corporation

Miron Construction Co. Inc.

Moore Construction Services, LLC

Murphy Construction Services

Nova Fire Protection

Parsons Corporation

PCL Construction Services Inc

Pieper Electric

Precision Infrastructure

Red Cedar Steel

Royal Construction

Smart Safety Group

Stevens Construction Corp.


VJS Construction Services, Inc.

Weis Builders Inc.

VJS Construction Services, Inc.

West Bend Mutual Insurance

Western Specialty Contractors

Wieser Brothers General Contractors, Inc.

Xcel Energy


Objectives & Purpose

The objectives and purposes of the Construction Program Industry Advisory Committee are to:

  • Advance and support the highest quality faculty, educational facilities, and program for students enrolled in the Construction Program.
  • Provide liaison between the Construction Industry and the Construction Program.
  • Develop and implement innovative programs that will benefit the Construction Program and better serve the Construction Industry.
  • Offer advice, counsel, and provide the vision for the Construction Program.

University of Wisconsin - Stout Construction Program Industry Advisory Committee Bylaws

Construction Industry Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Program Advisory Committe

Program Advisory Committee Members

Mona Afifi Assistant Professor UW-Stout, Construction 
Royce Aslbach VP, Project Management Miron Construction Co. Inc. 
Robb Altendorf Senior Project Manager MA. Mortenson Company
Jake Bauer President Carciofini Company
Mark Bentfield Building Systems Manager PCL Construction Services Inc
Josh Bernhard Sr. Construction Risk Engineer Zurich
Cory Bjerke Project Manager  Pieper Electric
Jason Blenker Owner/President Blenker Companies, Inc.
Jeremy Budish General Superintendent Hensel Phelps Construction Company
Jim Bunkelman President/CEO Royal Construction, Inc. 
John Dzissah  Department Chair, Operations and Management Department  UW-Stout 
Mitchell  Spencer Professor Emeritus UW-Stout, Construction 
Hans Timper Professor Emeritus UW-Stout, Construction 
Jim Bunkelman President/CEO Royal Construction, Inc. 
Alex Charland Senior Project Manager Sundt Construction Inc.
Calvin Chen Program Director, M.S. Construction Management UW-Stout 
Tom Driscoll Director, Corporate Real Estate Kirco
Eric Fabich Lead Preconstruction Coordinator AZCO, Inc
Ken Fermanich Retired  
Dave Galetka Operations Director Faithful & Gould
Logan Griesmer Project  Manager Integrity Grading & Excavating, Inc. 
Brian Hovick Project Coordinator AZCO, Inc
Ian Johnson Human Resource Manager/ EEO Officer Hoffman Construction Company
Jake Johnson Project Manager McGough Construction Co., Inc.
Cody Kaplanek Director, Infrastructure Division Precision Infrastructure
Andy Karll Senior Project Manager ERDMAN
Thomas Kennedy Engineering Manager Nova Fire Protection
Noah Koch Project Controls Sundt
Keith Kubala   Blackstone Asphalt of Wisconsin, LLC
Joe Larson Vice President Lunda Construction Company
Ben Lato Senior Superintendent Weis Builders, Inc. 
Dave Leisses General Manager J.F. Ahern
Travis Loeffler Risk and Safety Advisor West Bend Mutual Insurance
Kevin  MacDonald Assistant Professor UW-Stout
Joe Malchow Project Executive  Miron Construction Co. Inc. 
Tony Marchiafava Project  Manager Western Specialty Contractors
Mike Moore President Moore Construction Services, LLC
Dan Murphy President Murphy Construction Services
Kyle Neidermire Financial Consultant Northwestern Mutual
Dave Nielsen Senior Vice President of Electrical Construction Parsons Corporation
Ben Oswald Manager , Project Controls  Michels Corporation
Dustin Phillips Project Manager  Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
Brian Pinnow Senior Project Manager Wieser Brothers General Contractors, Inc.
Bill Rascher President Bill Rascher Mechanical, Inc.
Doug Smith Vice President of Construction Creative Homes Inc.
Matt Stadelman Senior Project Manager J.H. Findorff and Sons, Inc.
Tyler Swanson Project Manager  Market & Johnson
Kevin  Wilkinson Program Director - BS Construction UW-Stout, Construction 
Dean Wirtanen Assistant Professor UW-Stout
Mark Ver Voort Northern Operations Manager Boldt
Paul Ver Voort Project Director Consolidated Construction
Alex Wolf Project Manager  Stevens Construction Corp
Joe Zanotti Project Manager Briohn Building Corporation


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