Design Minor

Expand your visual literacy and develop the knowledge and tools to create and refine design solutions.
Degree Type Minor
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UW-Stout's Design Minor enhances the tools and knowledge to analyze and solve creative problems by expanding your visual literacy. Through a series of courses, you'll analyze design systems, processes and related objects, spaces, media and experiences through their historical and cultural contexts. And you'll be challenged to apply what you learn by producing creative works within the framework of specific project demands. 


Minor Requirements

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Program Objectives

  1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of designers in various fields and in service to society at large.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of historic and contemporary designed objects, spaces, media and experiences.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of notable designers as well as the movements or philosophies with which they are associated.
  4. Use traditional analog tools and contemporary digital technologies to explore and represent design solutions.
  5. Apply principles and methods related to multi-sensory communication, systems thinking and prototype production.
  6. Implement interdisciplinary and collaborative problem-solving.
  7. Critically evaluate the meaning and usability of designed objects, spaces, media and experiences.