Interaction Design Minor

Develop the expertise to design and implement user-centric digital interfaces by integrating principles of interaction design with practical technological applications.
Degree Type Minor
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UW-Stout's Interaction Design minor is an innovative cross-disciplinary program enriching students' major studies with advanced knowledge and skills in user experience and interface design. Designed to facilitate shared learning environments, this program brings together students from various disciplines to engage with the principles of interaction design. Through courses including user interface and user experience design, supplemented by elective courses in digital communication, the minor prepares students to create effective and intuitive user interfaces. This minor leverages hands-on experience and practical application, preparing students to meet the challenges of the evolving digital landscapes.


Minor Requirements

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Interactive Design Foundations. Program Highlights.

Cross-Disciplinary Learning. The minor integrates disciplines like Game Design, Computer Science, and Digital Marketing to enhance your major with industry-focused design skills, fostering an interdisciplinary learning environment.

Comprehensive Curriculum. Study a targeted curriculum that includes five core courses in user interface and experience design, plus four elective courses in digital communications, deepening and diversifying your design knowledge.

Real-World Application and Partnerships. Leverage partnerships with programs like Graphic Design and Interactive Media to access relevant courses and apply design principles in various professional settings, ensuring you're industry-ready.

Skill Enhancement and Career Readiness. Acquire advanced skills in research, prototyping, and user-centered design, using contemporary tools to create solutions and interfaces that prepare you for careers in interaction design.