Off-Campus Students

Dining plan options for Off-Campus Students
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Campus Cash is an additional debit account that is used for other campus purchases. Most students find they will need some amount of Campus Cash funds at the start of the semester. Each plan holder chooses an amount to deposit based on anticipated needs. Students may deposit more funds to Campus Cash throughout the semester, if necessary. A Stout BlueCard is used to access all account funds thereby eliminating the need to carry cash.

Where can Campus Cash funds be used? 

  • Residence Halls Laundry Facilities 
  • Vending Machines (soda and snacks)
  • Copy Machines 
  • Service Center (tickets, printing)
  • Stoutfitters (supplies, clothing, gifts)
  • Health & Fitness Center (membership, aerobics passes)
  • Stout Adventures (climbing wall membership)
  • Intramurals (participation fees)
  • University Housing Mailroom (stamps, mailing supplies)
  • Instructional Resources 
  • Robert S. Swanson Library Learning Center 
  • University Dining Service 

Campus Cash is a backup account for Dining Dollars 

Campus Cash funds can be used as an alternate means of payment in dining locations once Dining Dollars have been depleted. 

At all dining locations, the register checks Dining Dollars funds for a sufficient balance to complete the transaction. When there are not enough funds, the register then checks Campus Cash. If a sufficient balance is found here, the transaction is completed with the amount deducted from Campus Cash funds (at Campus Cash prices). 

The student does NOT need to do anything different, the register automatically checks.

How much Campus Cash will I need? 

With many locations on campus accepting Campus Cash funds, most students find they will need some amount of Campus Cash funds. We recommend that students start with $150 of Campus Cash as it rolls over every semester and you can adjust it every semester. 

How do I check my Campus Cash balance? 

  • Balances can be checked online
  • Readers display balance after Dining Dollars transactions. 
  • Deposit Stations display balances upon request. Locations in Price Commons, Robert S. Swanson Library Learning Center, North Point Dining Center and Memorial Student Center. 
  • Call 715-232-3686
  • Visit the Campus Card Office, Room 110, Merle Price Commons
BlockPlan Logo

BlockPlan meals are purchased in blocks of 100, 50, or 25 meals which can be used at the Fireside Café, Blue Devil Market, Harvey Express, and Jarvis Express retail locations also offer daily BlockPlan specials. 

Can I use my BlockPlan for guests?

BlockPlan meals can be used to pay for others as long as the owner of the BlockPlan is present with their Stout BlueCard for payment. You can use any number of meals in a day. 

What happens to unused blocks at the end of the semester?

BlockPlan meals will carry forward from Fall semester to Spring semester. BlockPlan meals are forfeited at the completion of the Spring semester, so use them up! Our BlockPlan Choices chart above can help you determine the plan right for you. 

Where can I use my BlockPlan?

Your BlockPlan can be used at the Fireside Café, Blue Devil Market, and express locations.These locations offer daily BlockPlan meal specials. 

2024 - 2025 Cafeteria Prices

Campus Cash$6.60$8.70$8.70
Blockplan1 Meal1 Meal1 Meal
Credit/Debit Card$7.75$10.25$10.25