How to Apply: Transfer Students

Continue your academic journey or discover new possibilities by transferring to UW-Stout from another two-year or four-year institution.
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Apply to UW-Stout as a Transfer Student.

Whether you’re turning a two-year degree into more or transferring from a traditional four-year university, you're in the right place. Join the 33% of UW-Stout graduates who successfully transfer from other universities. Let's guide you through the simple transfer application process for students transferring to UW-Stout.

UW Application (All Student Types)

Note: Students who apply using the UW Application can submit their application for free to up to three Universities of Wisconsin schools. Students will be charged $25 by the Universities of Wisconsin for each additional.

Effortlessly explore course transfer information with Transferology. Discover credit transferability and maximize your educational path at UW-Stout.


Transfer Application Process at UW-Stout

Your complete Transfer application will include the following:


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Complete the UW Application and check your course transfer information with Transferology

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Call or Email UW-Stout Admissions with questions or Request Information

Required Document Submissions & Prior Learning Credit


Submit Official Transcripts or GED/Certificate/HSED Diploma

Please ensure you submit the following required documents to UW-Stout:

  • Your official high school transcripts (including graduation date) or GED/HSED score report
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended (must be sent to UW-Stout directly from the institution)
    Mail Electronically


Admissions Office
212 Sorensen Hall
121 10th Ave. E.
Menomonie, WI 54751


Transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution to UW-Stout Undergraduate Admissions.

We cannot accept faxed or emailed transcripts. 

If prompted for an email where to send the transcript:

Note: Military members should submit their official Joint Services Transcript or official transcript from the Community College of the Air Force.

Prior Learning Credit

We grant advanced credit for valuable, non-academic experiences you've had, such as AP classes, volunteer work, military service, professional development, and more.

Discover Credit Opportunities


Additional Transfer Admission Information & Requirements


Applications Deadlines & Scholarships

Transfer Application Deadlines

At UW-Stout, we offer flexible application deadlines for transfer students. For our spring semester, applications are accepted through December. For the fall semester, we recommend submitting your application by early August. We encourage you to adhere to these recommended deadlines to ensure timely processing of your application.

Entry TermApplication OpensPriority Deadline
FallAugust 1March 1
SpringApril 1November 1
Summer / Winterm Degree-seeking students who are new and want to take a Summer or Winterm course should contact Admissions to backdate/change their admit term to Summer or Winterm.

Transfer Student Scholarships

If you're interested in applying for Stout Foundation Scholarships, please apply for admission by January. While acceptance is not required by that time, you will need a student ID number, which is assigned after submitting your admission application, in order to apply for scholarships. The deadline for Stout Foundation Scholarships is the first Monday in February.

Transfer Admission Guidelines & Special Circumstances

Transfer Admission Guidelines

We conduct a comprehensive review and no single factor will eliminate or guarantee admission. You are likely to be admitted as a transfer student if you have earned a 2.0 GPA or higher (Education major applicants must have a 2.75 GPA or higher) from your most recent institution.

Grade trends by semester are taken into consideration as part of this review. If there are extenuating circumstances for any grades, please be sure to note this in your applicant statement.


Special Circumstances for Transfer Applicants

Please note the following guidelines:

  • At the last institution you attended, if your last semester GPA was below 2.0, you may be admitted on probation if your cumulative GPA is 2.0 or higher.
  • At the last institution you attended, if you were academically dismissed or suspended, even if your cumulative GPA is above 2.0, by UW System policy we honor that institution's dismissal/suspension. Admission may be considered if you choose to appeal. Time that has lapsed since your last attendance will also be taken into consideration.
  • At the last institution you attended, if you completed less than 12 academic level (non-remedial) credits, your other previous institutions attended and/or high school record may be considered.
  • At the last institution you attended, if your last semester GPA is below 1.0 (again, time lapsed may be taken into consideration), you would not be eligible for admission following UW-Stout's undergraduate probation/dismissal policy.
Specific Bachelor's Degree Program Transfer Requirements

Some of our programs are particularly competitive and require that applicants submit other materials in addition to the standard application.

  • All B.F.A. Programs
  • All B.S. Education Programs
  • B.S. Applied Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • B.S. Dietetics
  • B.S. Individualized Studies
  • B.S. Management

Review Program Specific Transfer Requirements

Transfer Admission Decisions

Once we've reviewed your complete application and based on the above criteria, we make one of three admission decisions:

  • Admit » Congratulations, you’re in!
  • Deny » Students who are not competitive for admission to UW-Stout.
  • Postpone » Some applicants are neither admitted nor denied upon initial review. These students are postponed. Postponed applicants have strong qualifications and the potential for success at UW-Stout. However we would like to review grades from the current semester of the college you are attending, or receive recommendation letters before making an admission decision.

Check your application status: 

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