Professional Advisory Committee

Collaboration and Insight
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Professional Advisory BoardThe School of Art and Design has enjoyed a long history of collaboration with highly successful artists, designers, companies and practicing professionals, several of whom are Stout graduates. The Professional Advisory Board serves the B.F.A. and M.F.A. programs.

Each semester, professionals travel from coast to coast to spend a day with faculty and students. Representing all of our major's board members provide valuable industry insight, dialog and direction to guide our programming and keep us on the leading edge of art and design education.

The Professional Advisory Committee typically meets to discuss topics including curriculum, cooperative education/internships, industry trends/developments/innovations, new program development and other important initiatives. The board provides insight, perspective, advice and support. Students are given the opportunity to meet with these professionals and alumni for reviews of their work, and one-on-one feedback about their progress – this is often the highlight of the day for our board members.