Honors Courses

Embrace learning, share ideas, and maximize your academic potential.
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Honors courses are designed to teach you how to bounce ideas off of other students, learn collaboratively, and actively – both inside and out of the classroom. Classes are usually discussion-based and often taught through an innovative, hands-on approach that put you at the center of what happens in class.

Honors courses won't add time to your degree completion. They provide a challenging alternative that fulfills your graduation requirements and enhance your career path.

Honors Courses at UW-Stout / Mackenzie Burke

You can take courses such as:

  • The History of Mad Science
  • Clickbait: News, Media, and Politics in the U.S.
  • After 9/11: American Literature of Public Crisis
  • Anthropology of the Contemporary U.S.
  • The Geography of Food
  • Biology of Plants Plants & People
  • Environmental Justice
  • Trading Myths: Sailors, Stories, and the Cosmos of Greek Myth
  • Honors Jazz History
  • 40+ total section offerings each year from all academic areas
Full listing of recent Honors courses offered
ANTH 220 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 230 Anthropology of the Contemporary US
ANTH 293 Environmental Justice
ART 100 Honors Drawing I
ART 101 2D Design
ART 200 Honors Drawing II
BIO 111 Science, the Environment, & Sustainability
BIO 132 Human Biology
BIO 141 Plants & People
CHEM 135 College Chemistry I
CS 144 Computer Science I
ECON 210  Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 215  Principles of Microeconomics
ENGL 111 Honors Freshman English Seminar 1
ENGL 113 Honors Freshman English Seminar 2
GEOG 310 Geography of Food
HDFS 195 Seminar in Lifespan Human Development
HDFS 460 Religious Diversity and the Workplace
HIST 121 Modern US History
HIST 323 Immigration & Ethnic History
HIST 360 Asian History
HIST 377 History of Ideas
HIST 392 History of Mad Science
HIST 396 The Age of Revolutions
INMGT 400 Organizational Leadership
LIT 307 After 9/11: American Literature of Public Crisis and Trauma
MUSIC 231 Honors Jazz History
PHIL 220 Multicultural Philosophy
POLS 210 American Government
PSYC 110 General Psychology
SOC 290 Global Political Ecology
SOC 385 Globalization and Social Change
STAT 130 Elementary Statistics
“The discussions I’ve had in courses have pushed my thinking and expanded my insight on the world”
Emma DeRubeis B.S. Human Development & Family Studies

Honors courses get you involved in your learning, allowing you flexibility to chart out your own questions and projects, while getting guidance and support from our most engaged, enthusiastic, and innovative faculty members.  Many courses get you outside the classroom and into the field, have undergraduate research opportunities, or other extra features you wouldn't find in any other courses.