Annual Impact Report

Supporting the mission and goals of UW-Stout
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A message from Vice Chancellor
William Johnson 

Last year will be remembered as a time of challenges,
opportunities, and successes at UW-Stout. When
challenges arose because of COVID, we collectively
looked for solutions, and our alumni and friends responded.
As opportunities appeared, alumni and friends stepped
forward to provide the financial support and creative ideas to
address student needs. At the end of this fiscal year, we can
celebrate student successes and the dedicated work of our
faculty, staff, alumni and friends who answered the call for
support. Thank you!

As we continue to build a strong base of scholarship
support to attract and retain students, you have continued
to respond. When we challenged you to participate in our
annual Day of Giving, you responded to support the needs
of students, provided scholarship support to allow students
to study abroad, and backed our general fund for campus
projects. Your support was a critical part of the university’s
successful navigation of a truly unprecedented year.

Throughout UW-Stout’s history, when the need has presented
itself, alumni and friends have always responded. You have
been an integral part of our proud past and will shape our
future through your involvement in the FOCUS2030 strategic

We are excited about what the new year brings and confident
the support for our students that was so evident last year
will continue into and through the upcoming academic year.


$82M in total assets


Over $2M in gift production

Menomin Lounge

86% of gifts were less than $500


1,667 Donors