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SVRI is committed in providing affordable professional development opportunities for individuals in vocational rehabilitation, human resources, and management. Contact us for more information. 

NEW Webinar Series Coming January 2021! 
Registration opening soon
Every week we will feature a new webinar providing content on ethics, assistive technology, and leadership development worth 1 CRC each. SVRI’s mission is to provide solutions while adapting to the ever-changing environment in all respected fields. This series will consist of webinars from previous projects, new live webinars, and new webinars available on demand.

  • Live webinars with Q & A include 1 CRC credit:
    • $25 for Ethics sessions  
    • $20 for all other sessions 
  • A library of pay-per-view recordings from our live webinars include 1 CRC credit:
    • $25 for Ethics sessions
    • $20 for all other sessions
  • A library of free webinars:
    • Watch free whenever and wherever is convenient for you
    • CRC credits are available for a $10 processing fee

Free Webinars
SVRI is part of these collaborative areas of disability and employment.
Each webcast is worth 1 CRC

Project E3: Educate, Empower, Employ - a vocational rehabilitation technical assistance center focused on helping people with disabilities from underserved communities achieve their independent living and employment goals.  

Technical Assistance Center for Program Evaluation and Quality Assurance (PEQA) assists State VR agencies in building capacity through professional education and training of VR evaluators 

Course Offerings

CRC Exam Preparation Workshop

The CRC Exam Preparation Workshop provides a unique opportunity to prepare for the CRC exam and practice taking computerized tests similar to the CRC. The online learning format allows you to access material nearly anywhere and anytime Internet access is available.

We have found that many participants would like a longer duration of this course. We are now giving you access to this course for a full 6 months. A facilitator will be available for the first 8 weeks to answer questions and guide you thru the workshop. Additional supports include weekly email and text reminders and resources. 

The workshop is offered before each CRC Exam.

January 7 - March 4, 2021
Cost: $250.00
Course Syllabus 


Continuing education credits are not provided for this workshop.

We recommend that your registration for the CRC exam is confirmed before registering for this workshop. SVRI is not affiliated with CRC and cannot provide you with assistance in applying.

Our Online Courses

Our courses while still being accessible to individuals with disabilities,  frequently include video, audio, and interactive tutorials to avoid flat written content as the basis for the course and engage learners on a different level. Asynchronous written discussions facilitated by qualified professionals provide opportunities for practitioners to share their valuable work experiences with each other.  Activities are relevant to practitioners wanting to advance their skills. Course activities are asynchronous, meaning that they can be completed 24/7 as long as they are submitted by assignment due dates established in each course.  Participation in discussions is required and it is recommended that participants login at least twice a week to monitor the discussion.

Our staff is able to provide assistance to people new to online courses to ensure a good experience with the technology.   If you are new to online learning, please visit our "Is Online Learning For Me?" page to learn more about what to expect.

What are the online courses like?

These courses are developed specifically for working professionals and focus on direct applications for your work. Courses are asynchronous, which means there are no specific times to log-in; you can work on the course when it's convenient for you. They include hands-on learning activities and case studies to promote learning. You will have opportunities to interact with other training participants through written discussions and a course facilitator is available to provide feedback and assistance. Content is often provided in various modalities such as videos and interactive Flash tutorials to appeal to different learning styles. All courses other than the CRC Exam Preparation Workshop are pre-approved by CRC and CEUs through UW-Stout.

Cancellation Policy/Late Payments

A full refund will be given up to one week after the start of a workshop; after that, no refunds are given.

Failure to pay the full workshop fee within 14 days from the start date, we will suspend access to the workshop until payment in full is received.

SVRI will issue a certificate of completion ONLY for those participants who fulfill the expectations of the course. Participants who fail to fulfill the expectations of the course will not receive certificate of completion. 

ALL course payments are non-transferrable and refundable only according to our cancellation policy. 


Our online courses are developed with accessibility in mind and we regularly have participants with disabilities. All audio content is also provided in writing and our course management system, Desire to Learn, can be used with screen readers such as JAWS. 

Please send inquiries to with accessibility concerns.

Academic Misconduct

SVRI Training has a responsibility to endorse academic honesty and integrity. The university has developed procedures to deal effectively with instances of academic misconduct. Click Here for the universities stand on academic misconduct.