People Process Culture

An organizational roadmap to achieving profitability through people-process initiatives.
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A People Process Culture is an organization environment that creates a strong, positive belief in people and sustains a high level of performance and profit over an extended period of time.

Organizations that provide a People Process Culture will likely sustain an environment that leads to personal development and profit. This culture will lead to the continuous, positive development of people's strengths and character, which, in turn, will continuously improve the quality, productivity, and service in these organizations.

People Process Culture Endowed Chair

The tremendous success of Phillips Plastics Corporation can be largely attributed to its People Process Culture. This belief has been underscored with an endowment that led to the establishment of the People Process Culture Chair, thereby providing the focus, initiative and resources to research and teach the People Process Culture. The vision exists that a successful education in the values, tactics and strategies of the People Process will create Stout graduates of increased worth. These graduates will enhance the business of Phillips Plastics Corporation, the business community in general, and society.

UW-Stout and the People Process Culture Endowed Chair will strive to ensure UW-Stout graduates are able to:

  • contribute to enhancing business excellence through implementation of the People Process Culture, including values such as mutual respect, trust, teamwork and continuous improvement;
  • develop leaders who understand the importance of building within a business a culture that is dedicated to meeting the needs, and contributing to both the satisfaction and growth, of all individuals to continuously improve the performance and success of the business; and
  • launch a new business that applies the principles, values and behaviors of excellence through implementation of the People Process Culture within the business.

Currently, our students experience curricula that prepare them to become a productive professional. They encounter excellent instruction that introduces some ideas about organizational cultures.

We, however, do not have a compelling, comprehensive, and integrated approach that teaches our students and graduates to effectively apply the skills, knowledge and values that build and enhance an outstanding organizational culture such as the Phillips Plastics People Process Culture.

The People Process Culture Endowed Chair position provides the capacity to galvanize internal and external resources to achieve and uphold this mission.