Grade Appeals

Contesting an assigned grade.
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Grading Criteria

Assessment of student performance in the form of grades requires professional judgment by teaching faculty and academic staff. Students who feel they have received an incorrect or invalid grade should contact the instructor directly.

Grade Appeal

Recognizing that the evaluation of student performance is based on the professional judgment of the instructor, a grade change will only be considered if based on one or more of the following factors:

  • An error was made in the grade computation
  • The grading was based on factors other than those stated in the course syllabus
  • The grading was based on factors that were prejudicial or capricious.

The student shall bear the burden of proof in establishing the existence of the above factor(s).  The appeal of a grade must be made within one year of the time the grade was assigned.

Appeal Process

A student wishing to challenge a grade must first contact the instructor with documentation of an error. When an instructor maintains the accuracy of the grade in question, a student’s next recourse is to submit a written request to the Department Chair for mediation between the student and the instructor.  In the event that the instructor is no longer employed by UW-Stout, the student should directly contact the Department Chair who will review the pertinent information and the course syllabus against the student’s documentation of an error.

The student should contact the Dean of Students Office regarding the hearing process.