Lifelong Learning
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In order to improve teaching quality and inspire students to learn at the highest levels, education professionals like you need to continually hone your skills, embrace your leadership role, and ignite your passion for teaching.

Whether you're interested in receiving a certificate, seeking continuing education units (CEUs), obtaining/advancing your degree, or profoundly enriching your career, UW-Stout has the options to prepare you for that next step.

UW-Stout lifelong learning opportunities for educators.

Online Training for Educators

Earn Graduate Credits, Online Certificates, Certifications, and Courses to Renew a License

Cadaver Lab Experience

Expand your students' experience with hands-on learning.

ChatGPT Webinar for Teachers

Embrace the Power of ChatGPT in your Classroom

Early Childhood Education Conference

Join us this coming April to hear from experts in the field and gain powerful insights to be used in your classroom.

Family & Consumer Sciences Ed & WI DPI Child Care Conference

Our fall conference on exciting new information in the field and new curriculum ideas.

WiFAB Training Series

Training and grant opportunities for K-12 Fab Labs.

Continuing Education

We offer courses and programs that are designed to fit your needs: online, on campus, off campus and distance delivered.