Ethics Extravaganza

Five Ethics webinars with a focus on diversity and inclusion.
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people sitting around a table Ethics training is designed to provide guidance in applying moral principles and values in decision-making. The below ethics webinars focus on the ethical practice of rehabilitation counseling and can also be applied to any professionals to aid in decision-making and to distinguish right from wrong.

This summer SVRI is offering a bundle of five Ethics webinars with a focus on diversity and inclusion. These webinars promote a culture of creative solution-making and bring different perspectives to the table by becoming aware of unconscious bias that can assist in respectful decision-making practices.

Ethics: Disability Discrimination in the Workplace
This webinar takes a look at several high-profile cases of businesses that refused to hire a qualified individual with a disability and accommodate an employee with a disability. Professionals will learn about these issues so that they can respond to such issues in order to prevent them from happening again.
Presenters: Dr. James F McNeil and Morgan Lea

Ethical Systems: Exploring the Ethical Implications of Organizational Culture & Practices
Good ethics is a combination of individual ethics and the ethical behavior expected by your employer.  Attendees will be able to identify potential organizational cultural triggers that enhance or impede ethical behaviors.  
Presenter: Kyle Walker, CRC

Gender Informed VR Counseling: Ethical Considerations for Working with People Who are in the LGBTQ+ Community
This webinar explores the ethical considerations that rehabilitation counselors must know in order to provide professional, effective, and ethical services.
Presenters: Kyle Walker, CRC, and Heidi Decker-Maurer

Poverty Informed VR Counseling: Ethical Considerations Working with People Who Have Experienced Intergenerational Poverty
What are the impacts on human services because of the rules of socio-economic class?  Who is served and who is not served under these rules and why?  Learn about the direct and indirect damage done by a culture of poverty and the historical response.
Presenter: Kyle Walker, CRC

Ethical Dilemmas Working with Students with Disabilities, Educators & Parents
In this webinar, we explore the ethical dilemmas that rehabilitation counselors commonly face when working with transition-aged youth and students with disabilities, their parents, and their educators.  We also explore some common situations that are sometimes not viewed as ethical dilemmas and we introduce the Pyramid Model for Ethical Decision Making.
Presenter: Kyle Walker, CRC

The CRCC code of professional ethics is discussed in each webinar. This entire training meets 5 of the 10 CRCC required renewal Ethics hours.

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