The theory and teaching strategy for People Process Culture
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People Process Culture (PPC) Endowed Chair Dr. Betsy Pudliner, PhD talks with UW-Stout Professor Jay Kirihara about PPC and theory in practice. / UW-Stout

A statement from the rationale for the need of the People Process Chair position best establishes the premise for our teaching strategy:

Currently, our students experience curricula that prepare them to become a productive professional. They encounter excellent instruction that introduces some ideas about organization cultures. We, however, do not have a compelling, comprehensive, and integrated approach that teaches our students and graduates to effectively apply the skills, knowledge and values that build and enhance an outstanding organization culture such as the Phillips Plastics People Process Culture. This chairmanship provides the capacity to galvanize internal and external resources to achieve and uphold this mission.

Teaching Strategies:

  1. Faculty involvement
  2. Integrate it throughout our students' University of Wisconsin's Stout experience
  3. Teach the content at all levels of the cognitive and affective domains
  4. Capitalize on our existing curriculum
  5. Make certain that the teaching includes "practical minds and hands on" methodology coordinated with a team of faculty and program directors
  6. Provide resources and support for the faculty

People Process Culture Student Experiences:

  1. Integration into existing courses
    • Production Inventory Control
    • Telecommunications Administration
    • Graphic Communications Management Seminar
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Training Systems
    • Marketing Education
    • Organizational Development
    • Principles of Management
  2. Discussions with executives of People Process organizations
  3. Research focused on high performing People Process Cultures
  4. Integrating tactics and strategies of high-performing People Process Cultures into student organizations
  5. Studying the cultures of organizations during internship experience

Teaching and Student Resources:

  1. PowerPoint presentations
    • Big Hairy Audacious Goals
    • Core Values
    • Defining a People Process Culture
  2. Student handouts
  3. Teaching modules are available for integration into other courses