Program Requirements

Registration and Records
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Program requirements are outlined in the University bulletin. In order to graduate, all undergraduate students must: 

  • complete a minimum of 120 overall undergraduate credits (some majors may require more)
  • complete 32 residency credits at UW-Stout
  • achieve a minimum GPA of 2.000
  • complete all General Education requirements
  • complete the Racial and Ethnic Studies requirement
  • complete the Global Perspective requirement
  • complete the all major requirements 

The major indicated on a student’s application for admission will serve as the student’s original declaration of major. Students may change their major through the Advisement Center website. Students changing their major after initial enrollment at this university will complete the program requirements as listed in the bulletin in effect at the time the change of major is completed. Students may choose to follow the most current program requirements by changing their requirement term through the Advisement Center website.

Students who leave the university for a period of more than two years must follow the program requirements in effect at the time they re-enroll, unless other provisions are made, in writing, with the appropriate program director.

Changes to a student’s program plan can be made only by the program director. These changes must be filed with the Registration and Records Office by submitting a substitution or waiver form. Substitutions or waivers involving General Education, Racial and Ethnic Studies, or Global Perspective requirements must also be approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor.

Students should track their program requirements using the Academic Advisement Report in Access Stout (students can look at a video here).