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Augmented and Virtual Reality

Pokemon Go is the latest in augmented reality (AR) experiences, and it has captured the attention of millions.

Find the best resources to engage audiences when training in the workplace and in K-12 classrooms. Learners can be placed in a replica of their classroom or work space, or a modeled 3D environment, with content pop-ups and features superimposed.

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality provides an explanation of the difference between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality, as well as the reason to use each, and the technology involved.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Will Change The Workplace Forever 
In this 4-minute video, Anthony Onesto discusses how virtual and augmented reality may be used to transform the workplace.

Three Interesting Studies on Virtual Reality in Education 
Richard Byrne, of FreeTech4Teachers, shares 3 studies that show a positive impact on learning when using virtual reality.

How the Military is Incorporating VR into Troop Training 
Unimersiv discusses a variety of ways virtual reality is being used to train soldiers in the military.

The Promise of Virtual Reality in Higher Education 
Bryan Sinclair and Glenn Gunhouse explore examples of VR experiences, and what they might mean for education.

Augmented Reality (K-12 Education)
Terri Eichholz shares a variety of augmented reality apps, lesson plans, activities and tutorials. 

How The Growth Of Mixed Reality Will Change Communication, Collaboration And The Future Of The Workplace 
Pete Sena explores how communication is transformed and what mixed reality could mean for the classroom and workplace.

Tech Tip: Create Augmented Reality with Aurasma Studio

This 3 minute tutorial will get you started creating your own Augmented Reality experiences in Aurasma Studio

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