Tech Tips Newsletter - Evaluating the Best Educational Apps

Editor: Karen Franker
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Technology Tips Newsletter

Explore top educators’ advice on how to locate and select top-rated apps for iPads, iPods, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Ways to Evaluate Educational Apps
Tony Vincent has compiled an outstanding collection of the best rubrics for evaluating educational apps. Included is a downloadable version of Tony’s “Education App Evaluation Rubric and Checklist.”

Bloomin’ Apps
Kathy Schrock’s clickable and colorful diagrams designate quality mobile apps for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy for Google Apps, iPad apps, Android apps, and Web 2.0 tools.

K-5 iPad Apps According to Bloom’s Taxonomy

Diane Darrow has written an excellent series of articles recommending apps which assist in the development of higher-order thinking skills.

15 Free Online Apps to Get Your Students Creating
Bradley Lands describes 15 apps that focus on the creating level of Bloom’s taxonomy and help students demonstrate mastery of content. Also see his blog posting titled “12 Free Online Apps to Get Your Students Publishing.”  

Top 10 Sites for Educational Apps
David Kapuler lists his 10 favorite Web sites for locating high quality educational apps, including: APPitic, Mind Leap, and Teachers With Apps.

10 of the Best Apple Apps for Education
Meris Stansbury has compiled a “best of Apple” list of apps, including descriptions, suggested uses, features, price, and rating.

The Utah Education Network provides a database of recommended educational apps searchable by keyword, device, cost, grade level, general category, and core curriculum areas.

Tech Tip: 52 Great Google Docs Secrets

The staff writers at Online Colleges describe the lesser known and powerful options of Google Docs including: keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop photos, editable PDFs, self-updating of spreadsheets, and synching with Microsoft Office.