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Using Concept Maps for Training and in the Classroom

Check out the best tips and applications for using concept maps in PK-12, university and business training.

What is a Concept Map

Lucidchart shows the difference between a concept map and a mind map as well as how to use concept maps in education, business and health care.

A Lesson in Concept Mapping

Quinstreet, Inc., explains how concept maps can be used effectively in business.

Visualize Ideas and Improve Content Delivery in Teaching with Concept Maps

James Cummings discusses several interesting ways to use concept maps in a classroom.

How Tutors Can Use Concept Mapping To Assess Their Students

Smile Tutor provides several types of concept maps, and how they can be used to assess learning.

Humanizing Business Analysis: Visualizing Meaning through Business Concept Maps

Thomas Frisendal explains how concept maps visually show data points helping to make critical business decisions with clear presentation of information.

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50 Uses of Graphic Organizers

Tech Tip

Web Tools to Create Concept Maps

10 Web Tools to create concept maps