Tech Tips Newsletter - Teaching in a Flipped Classroom

Editor: Karen Franker
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Teaching in a Flipped Classroom

What is the "flipped classroom" and how is it impacting teaching and learning? This week's newsletter explores how creative educators are making class time focused and engaging with "flipped" or "reverse" teaching, where students learn the content at home via videos and podcasts and then apply it in class.

The Flip: Why I Love It, How I Use It
Tina Barseghian explains her success in using flipped teaching methods in "bite-sized chunks" to help students develop inquiry learning skills and scaffold their knowledge.

The Flipped Class: Myths Vs. Reality
Jon Bergmann, Jerry Overmyer and Brett Wilie clarify common misconceptions such as: flipped teaching replaces teachers with videos, and students work in isolation. The authors assert that flipped teaching increases and personalizes contact time between students and teachers.

The Flipped Classroom Model: A Full Picture
Jackie Gerstein provides a conceptual framework for the implementation of the flipped classroom model with an emphasis on experiential, hands-on learning activities.

Why I Flipped My Classroom (YouTube video; 2 min.15 sec.)
Aaron Sams, a high school math and science teacher, discusses how he successfully flipped his classroom to differentiate instruction and transform class time from passive lecturing to active problem-solving.

Tech Tip: Why Dropbox Is Better Than a Flash Drive

Tired of keeping track of numerous flash drives? Dropbox is an online site which provides free online storage and file synchronization so you can access your files on any computer connected to the Internet.

To get you started, here are 62 Things You Can Do With Dropbox from the staff at Macworld magazine.