eStout Program FAQ

Common questions that students and families ask about the eStout program.
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Why do I have software on my laptop that I do not use?

The University does not purchase software licenses for every program on each laptop. Instead UW-Stout purchases what is called concurrent licensing, which means the University purchases a certain number of licenses and a license is only in use while a student is actively using the software. For example, if the University purchased 250 licenses of Minitab, a maximum of 250 student users could use the software at the same time. All applications are provided to all students to aid with the management of the program and to give every undergraduate access to all technology tools.

Why can't I pick my laptop type?

The laptop platform (Apple or HP) is determined by the faculty leadership of each major with input from their industry council to best prepare students for the workplace. The eStout program administers that academic decision and therefor does not allow students to choose their own platform. There are no exceptions.

Why don't students with Macs pay more?

Although on average Apples do cost more than most Windows-based laptops, unlike in a retail environment, the disparity in cost to UW-Stout is typically not significant. One year the cost of the Apple laptops was actually slightly less than the new business-class HPs. The operational overhead to administer nominally different rates would increase the cost of the program to students.

How are students involved with the eStout program?

Students were the driving force in the creation of the eStout program and they continue to participate in surveys and focus groups. The data gathered guides changes to the program. The Laptop Transfer Program was actually a result of student input. Much of the technical support for the eStout program is performed by students employed by the Technology Help Desk.

Why do students with double majors, one being a Windows-based major and the other an Apple-based major, receive Apples?

"Mixed-major" students receive Apples due to the fact that Apples can be loaded with both OSX and Windows.

Can students buy used laptops?

No. Laptops are not available for sale.

Can students who are leaving Stout prior to graduation buy their assigned laptop?

No. Laptops are not available for purchase and must be returned by the last day of the last enrolled semester.

Do graduates get to keep a laptop?

An eStout student officially graduating may have an opportunity to graduate with a two-year-old laptop at no additional cost upon graduation; this is called the Laptop Transfer Program. Students participating in the eStout program with a minimum of 32 qualifying credits and who are officially graduating from UW-Stout may be eligible to participate in the program. The University transfers ownership of the laptop to the graduate. 

Do graduates who participate in the Laptop Transfer Program receive support from the Technology Help Desk after graduation?

The Technology Help Desk does not support laptops after transfer/graduation. Upon graduating, the University transfers ownership of the laptop to the graduate. Some laptops have warranty remaining and support services may be available from the manufacturer.

Do I have to pick up a UW-Stout student laptop assigned to me?

No, you are not required to pick up a UW-Stout student laptop. If you are registered for eStout credits, the per-credit fee will be assessed. Opting not to pick up the laptop will not result in removal of the per-credit fee. This policy is similar to the textbook policy.

Will I always receive a brand new laptop?

Some students may receive a year-old laptop. This is not a new practice; Stout strives to use existing inventory in order to be fiscally and environmentally responsible. Year-old laptops are in excellent condition and priority is given to students graduating in the next 9-16 months to minimize the inconvenience of swapping for the transfer program and ensuring they have ample access to support resources prior to participating in the Laptop Transfer Program.